Ordering Information

To order, just write us an email and we’ll calculate postage and reply as soon as possible. Payment via paypal.

POSTAGE CHARGES: We are really sorry, but starting from 2011 the Italian POSTAL SERVICE has raised the costs terribly (some prices are now 80% higher !). Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about that. We only charge real costs, but that’s still very expensive. Europe : 1-3 Lp’s 9,00 Euro // 1 Cd 3,00 Euro // 2-3 Cds 5,00 Euro. USA : 1-3 Lps 14,00 Euro // 1 Cd 4,00 Euro // 2-3 Cds 7,00 Euro.

You can also order from our distributors: Metamkine (France), Boomkat (Uk), Rumpsti Pumsti (Germany), Experimedia (US), Winds Measure Recordings (US), Discriminate Music (US), Soundohm (Italy), Art into Life (Japan).